10 Day Metabolic Detoxification Weight Loss Program|Part One

The Solution to Obesogens and “angry” Fat Cells Preventing Weight Loss

Surprising as it may seem, one of the main obstacles to healthy weight loss is not hormonal imbalances but low grade inflammation and toxins from the standard American diet (SAD) and our toxin filled environment. The ground has also shifted slowly in terms of calorie intake over the past 35-40 years. According to a large nurse’s health study covering thousands of women and men over the years, the average American now consumes about 20% more calories per day then the average person in the mid 1970′s. This is primarily due to the significant rise of sweetened drink consumption and the number of times Americans are now eating meals outside of their homes due to the growth of the fast food industry.

This increase in calories that come primarily from high glycemic index foods such fast foods, snack foods, sodas and sports drinks, turns happy fat cells into “angry” fat cells due to rises in insulin after each meal. Angry fat cells produce inflammatory chemicals that send pain messages to the rest of the body and start to turn muscle cells into fat and promote fat buildup in arteries.

Toxins (also called obesogens or persistent organic pollutants) from air, food, water, soil, dust and every day products get stored in fat cells. These include Bisphenol A (from plastic bottles), PCB’s (coolant banned in U.S since 1979 still persist in soil and water) and Roundup (most widely used herbicide in U.S.) and many others. These obesogens unhook the normal regulatory weight management processes in the body so that the person cannot lose weight even with a restricted diet and exercise. They also increase weight gain through insulin resistance which can lead to type II diabetes. But that’s not all. The obesogens are also endocrine disruptors interfering with estrogen, testosterone and cortisol causing additional obstacles to weight loss.

As you can see, taking hormone replacement therapy or injections of vitamins and pregnancy hormones (HCG) will not solve these problems.

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