Speaking and Consulting

With ten years of speaking experience, Hunter Yost M.D., an Integrative physician, has addressed a wide variety of audiences including physicians at hospitals about the importance of lifestyle and nutritional factors affecting common illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, weight and gastrointestinal problems. He gives informative and entertaining power point presentations covering the latest medical research related to diet and healthy lifestyles. Anecdotes from Dr. Yost’s medical practice are also used to illustrate these points.

Knowing that most people do not hear from their primary care physicians about nutritional and lifestyle factors, Dr. Yost strongly believes this lifesaving medical research should be widely disseminated to everyone.

Audiences will develop a new understanding of how their daily food habits, physical activity and ability to deal effectively with stress closely relate to the most common and some not so common health problems and then feel empowered to begin making simple changes to improve their health.

Dr. Yost is available to give keynote addresses on nutrition and healthy lifestyles as well as half day or daylong workshops to corporations, agencies and executive retreats.

Contact Dr. Yost at 520-219-5060