Adult or Type II Diabetes is Reversible

This short video by Dr. Mark Hyman gives easy steps to reverse borderline diabetes and diabetes by simple food changes. These are the same ideas we use in our FirstLine therapy program to help people control diabetes without medication.

Recent medical research shows that Adult or Type II diabetes can be reversed in as little as one to eight weeks through dietary changes if people are willing to give up microwaveable frozen foods, fried foods, soda and anything that is served with bacon and cheese. With the healthy foods of multicolored vegetables and fruits, whole grains especially rye breads, mostly plant protein sources, nuts and seeds the insulin producing cells in the pancreas began to work again producing enough insulin to lower blood sugar to normal levels.

The medical establishment has long thought that this was impossible and these people would have to take medicines for the rest of their life. People can take control of their bodies and control diabetes without medication. Type II diabetes can actually be reversed. See our First line Therapy program and success stories for more information.

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