Dr. Mark Hyman’s suggestions to decrease risk of diabetes

Decrease Risk of Diabetes

In this video Mark Hyman M.D. of the Institute of Functional Medicine, reviews some easy common sense steps to decrease risk of diabetes and pre-diabetes. Did you know that rye bread contains special fibers that decrease blood sugar? So rye bread can be thought of as a “medical food” to help people with blood sugar problems. But don’t get the packaged rye bread from the grocery store that is mixed with white flour. Go to a local specialty bakery and ask for the dark pumpernickel rye.

Just like with any medicine dosage is important. For rye bread or any whole grain the recommended amount is one slice per day. As Hippocrates is quoted: ‘Let food be thy medicine and Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Dr. Hyman also discusses the basic components of the Mediterranean Diet, the most highly researched diet in medical literature for diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome.

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We incorporate the same dietary and lifestyle changes he mentions in our therapeutic lifestyle program called FirstLine Therapy. See our success story video.

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