Arthritis and Joint Pain

Effective care for arthritis and chronic joint pain

The prolonged course of illness and disability from a chronic disease such as arthritis results in extended pain and suffering and decreased quality of life for millions of Americans. Chronic, disabling conditions cause major limitations in activity for more than one of every 10 Americans, or 25 million people.
ArthritisWhen you have pain in the joints due to arthritis or a similar condition, you may find yourself missing out on work, on sports, on hobbies… and on life. You need a doctor who specializes in pinpointing the source of your pain, then treats it without invasive procedures or narcotics.

Treating Arthritis and Joint Pain

Hunter Yost, MD uses the principles of functional and nutritional medicine to treat the joint pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Diet, exercise and lifestyle factors are important. Dr. Yost prefers safe, effective natural anti-inflammatory substances over nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol® and Celebrex®.

In functional medicine, disease becomes manifest through an interaction of genetic susceptibility, environmental factors and lifestyle choices. Knowing our potential allows us to choose a lifestyle, diet and medication to influence our genes in the most beneficial way and significantly decrease the risk of developing many common diseases.

Dr. Yost specializes in the inflammatory and nutritional aspects of arthritis and chronic joint pain. He can help by recommending proper anti-inflammatory diets and proven non-prescription therapeutic nutrients.

He uses a series of unique functional medicine tests to determine causes and contributing factors. These are among the many specialized diagnostic tests

Dr. Yost performs. Based on all the evidence he gathers, he will then create a personal treatment plan specifically for each patient. Please let Dr. Yost know if you are experiencing Arthritis or joint pain.