How Can I lose Weight?

How Can i lose Weight?” Apparently this search term is popular on Google but I would like to reframe the question. Why not ask instead, “How can I be as healthy as possible for myself and my family?” Media messages and cultural pressure focus on an ideal body shape, especially for women. A current commercial for a canned pasta and vegetable product uses the tag line, “It fits!” showing happy women reporting to the chef soup maker that they can now fit into their jeans and little black dresses after supposedly eating many cans of pasta.

Often a motivation for weight loss (which always needs to be fast according to the ads) is losing weight for a special occasion such as a wedding, family or school reunion or graduation with little thought of what to do after the event has passed. This can become a frustrating lifelong pursuit of an unrealistic ideal which directs attention away from important health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, breast cancer, uterine and ovarian cancer. All of these conditions are in some way related to extra weight. A healthy lifestyle and diet goes a long way to decrease these risks and some weight loss will occur.

Weight loss by itself may or may not lead to good health especially if it is done for appearance only. The supermarket checkout line tabloid rapid weight loss promises may lead to weight loss which includes loss of muscle and the weight will be quickly regained. These “quickie” plans, sometimes promoted by celebrity doctors on TV, cannot be sustained for the long term because no one wants to eat in an unnatural way for the rest of their lives. Ordering packaged meals from TV commercials that are designed to look like all the foods people should not be eating anyway are not fresh and are loaded with preservatives to give them longer shelf life.

Our program, covered by most insurance, is designed to help people switch to a way of eating that can become a way of life, decrease important disease risks and lose weight. We can measure your muscle mass and overall body composition to monitor healthy weight reduction. Please see our success story video and call us today.

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