Belly fat and weight loss by Dr. Oz

Belly Fat and Weight Loss

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In this video on belly fat and weight loss, Dr. Oz covers many of the basic ideas we incorporate in our FirstLine Therapy lifestyle program for reducing risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and weight loss. One of these concepts is your waist size. A healthy waist size should be one half of your height. So if you are 5′ 6 inches tall or 66 inches your waist measured at the level of your belly button should be 33 inches or less. If your waist size is greater than ½ your height in inches then you are at greater risk for heart disease and diabetes. For men the waist is not their pant size or their belt size but should also be measured at the level of the belly button. Many men will be unpleasantly surprised at their number. Dr. Oz goes on to explain the dangers of belly fat in graphic detail.


Our lifestyle program is designed to address all of these issues for women and men. Please see our success story video.