Foods That Naturally Lower Blood sugar

Foods that naturally lower blood sugar

If there was a drug that turned off all the diabetes genes and turned on all the good genes to help blood sugar and caused no side effects it would instantly become the highest selling drug of all time and we could be seeing and hearing about it 24/7 in the media. But the news is actually better than that because there is a food that naturally lowers blood sugar. It is rye bread. Did we hear about this on TV? No. Radio? No. From your doctor? No. That is because the research study appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition several years ago and the makers of rye bread (the good kind) can’t afford to advertise this on TV.

The study looked at two groups of people with metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes) and gave each group a different diet. The first group had wheat, oats, and potatoes as the source of their carbohydrate. The second group ate only rye as their source of carbohydrate. After the 12 weeks, the researchers took a biopsy of fatty tissue to analyze how diabetes genes were affected. In the group assigned to eat wheat, oat, and potato group, 62 genes were activated that increased inflammation, oxidative stress and worsened blood sugar balance. This is what happens in our bodies in heart disease, Alzheimer’s, degenerative joint disease and osteoporosis. Eating these foods produced no positive effects. However in the rye only group, 71 genes were turned on that prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and improve blood sugar control, i.e. only beneficial effects were observed. This has never been true with any medication invented by man (and is unlikely to ever be invented).

Why wasn’t this front page news? Foods that naturally lower blood sugar aren’t nearly as exciting as the next “blockbuster drug” but they taste better!