Metagenics Detoxification

Healthy Weight Loss In Tucson – Boost your metabolism in ten days through our Metagenics Detoxification Program!

If your slow metabolism is keeping you from losing those extra pounds, we can help!

Toxins are built up in your body through:

  • Chemicals in the air
  • Water
  • Food
  • Soil and Dust
  • Everyday products

This can seriously affect your health and slow your metabolism. However, while you may have limited control over your environment, you have a great deal of control over your body.

Our 10 day Metagenics Detoxification program helps to remove toxins from your body so you can start to feel re-energized soon.

This program uses:

  • Targeted Nutrition
  • Modified Diet
  • Simple Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • No pills or shots

Specific vitamins, minerals, plant nutrients, and other amino acids help facilitate the removal of toxins and start healthy weight loss.

Metagenics detoxification

Metagenics Detoxification for metabolic transformation

The diet consists of lots of clean phytonutrient foods to eliminate stored toxins.

Low grade inflammation from sugar, caffeine, packaged snack foods, frozen meals and alcohol can interfere with weight loss by making fat cells “angry” and causing inflammation.

Eliminating these foods and potential allergens is basic for the success of this metabolic transformation in your body. After the ten days you will be transitioned to a broader, but healthier sustainable food plan.

For the long term plan, a one pound per week weight loss is recommended for women and up to 1.5 pounds per week for men.

Weight loss through “metabolic rebooting” is all about setting up the proper signals of cellular communication between the brain, intestines, liver and fat cells. This process can be started by eliminating toxins and decreasing inflammation that can stall weight loss.