What is a body cleanse?

Body Cleanse

Many of my patients ask about a “body cleanse“. Other similar terms are detox or detoxification which are usually used in a medical context. I have also heard the term “flush”. What this means is the body, specifically fatty tissues, store toxins from the environment. Since 2001 more than 6 billion pounds of chemical pollutants have been released in to the environment. These chemicals enter our bodies through food, water, air and our skin. Fast food diets also “pollute” the body. Toxins come from pesticides, lead, mercury, arsenic in water or air, cigarette smoke, alcohol and food additives. This affects multiple organs of the body especially the liver which can’t keep up its cleansing process. This can lead to migraine headaches, muscle pains and fibromyalgia, joint pains, chemical sensitivity, and chronic fatigue.

Detoxification is the body’s way of cleansing itself from these toxins. Because the detoxification process requires a lot of energy, fasting with water or juice can be ineffective and dangerous for some people and they end up feeling worse. Prolonged fasting may lead to weaker muscles and put stress on internal organs. Therefore it is necessary to support the body with both clean organic foods especially greens and fruits and multiple specific nutrients to help the liver through its cleansing process.

We offer 10 and 28 day cleanse (detox) programs. We give booklets with the complete food and nutrient protocols. People usually say their energy is better and mind is clearer. These programs can also to help “reboot” the body metabolism for weight loss. They are great for widespread muscle and joint pains. Please see the video Metabolic Detox on our website. If you would like to have a body cleanse for every organ in your body call us today to start your medically supervised detox program.

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